This principle is embedded in the traditions of SAA just as it has been an integral part of the success of AA for over 75 years. It means that the meetings are a safe place for individual members to share the exact nature of their condition. As SAA members we are not to discuss what has been said in the meetings. In addition, the last names of our members are never to be given out without the express permission of the individual affected. We are also encouraged to be extremely careful when revealing our identity publicly. We do not want our own shortcomings, weaknesses, and possibly public failures to be associated with the program as a whole. Another form our anonymity takes is in regard to our identity. When in a meeting, we try to be one among many. Our job, our wealth, or our position does not matter when we are among the community of sex addicts (SAA, "Tradition 12", p. 95).

Finally, "It is anonymity, the spirit of selfless service, that reminds us as a fellowship to always base our actions and deliberations on spiritual principles, putting aside any personal considerations in favor of a higher good--carrying the message of recovery to sex addicts" (SAA, "Tradition 12", p. 96).